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The Aktiva Sistem company brings together a team of professional people and associates with the necessary competencies to provide mediation services in business and legal affairs.

The company is conceived in accordance with trends in modern business, as a service service and business support system in one place.

Virtual office

The virtual office project allows you to reduce your business expenses by saving you on the cost of office space, computer equipment, telephones, the Internet, employees, legal assistance and bookkeeping services. Business from Budva, and you can be anywhere. Call us to arrange a meeting and help you to make the best decision for you.


Registration of a company

Aktiva sistem perform the complete registration process for its clients, which includes: registration in the CRPS, registration for PIB, VAT, customs register sealing, opening a bank account with a commercial bank at the choice of the client, registration of a legal entity with the Tax Administration, registration of the Executive Director.

Check-in and check-out of workers

The Aktiva Sistem company, for its clients, ie clients that have a business book contract, performs this service within the agreed price, while for other business entities this price is 15 euros per employee.

Tax and financial consulting

Tax and financial consulting is essentially an advisory service. The client presents all aspects of legal regulations, such as the Value Added Tax Act, the Corporate Income Tax Act, the Law on Corporate Income Tax, the Labor Law and other legal regulations that regulate the business environment in Montenegro.

Company Liquidation and other status changes

As part of its regular services, Aktiva Sistem also offers services related to the legal and legal regulation of company termination. Also, services are offered on the status changes occurring in the company during the course of business.

Accounting services

Bookkeeping services are performed in accordance with the legal regulations regulating this area. The company Aktiva Sistem is, accordingly, registered for performing accounting activities. Accounting is conducted on modern software, according to the principle of daily updating.

Creating business plans

Business plans are designed for small and medium enterprises as well as for entrepreneurs. Typically, the Business Plan is required as a document required when applying for financial assets in the form of loans with commercial banks or other institutions.


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