Accounting services

Bookkeeping services are performed in accordance with the legal regulations regulating this area. The Company’s Assets System is, accordingly, registered for carrying out accounting activities. Bookkeeping is run on modern software, based on daily updating. The cost of bookkeeping services is arranged in advance, eliminating so-called “hidden costs”, and for this scope of work a valid written contract is made, which ensures clients for the validity and correctness of the information. The cost of the service is formed by estimating the amount of work that is being done for the client and starting from the basic price for the lowest business cooperation amount of 50.00 EUR without VAT.

• Maintaining the main book,
• analytical records of balances, accounts, listing of open items,
• keeping a book KUF and KIF
• calculation of value added tax,
• keeping tax records,
• list and calculation of amortization of basic assets,
• Create a final account,
• making interim financial statements,
• managing cash registers, payment transactions
• calculation of earnings and reporting
• calculation of works contract and copyright royalties,
• Posting of retail, wholesale
• Accounting at cost centers and projects
• preparation of documentation for obtaining bank lending,
• making a proposal for a complete solution to your accounting,
• making proposals for rationalization of other procedures related to accounting,
• various other services as desired by the client.